How does ezi-connect™ works?

ezi-connect is the innovative system from BASF and Scholle IPN that allows the safe transfer of crop protection products directly into the sprayer.


convenient, safe, fast


ezi-connect coupler is directly connected to the ezi-connect screw cap. It is prefitted on all future BASF standard containers (1L, 5L, and 10L).



Convenient, safe and fast


  • is adaptable and flexible to be used with all types of formulations of undiluted liquid product
  • gives no risk of spillage
  • gives you a quick emptying
  • is a completely closed system: convenient, safe and fast
  • container automatically recloses after partial use of containers content
  • is easy to clean between products and after partial emptying- avoid cross contamination
  • is easy rinsing and disposal
  • ease of maintenance of the equipment and the availability of spare parts
  • system is compatible with spray equipment from all manufacturers
  • fits on all standard containers with IS 63
  • has a patented technology you can rely on
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Watch this videao about how ezi-connect works...